Meet Los Salazar

Trio Mariachi Los Salazar
was founded by Ruben Salazar in 1996.  They are a family band; father, daughter and son. 

Meet the Performers

Ruben Salazar – Dad

Rubén Salazar, the founder and father, began his career as a musician at the early age of eleven back in Mexico in 1966; in transportation buses, corner-taco stands, and bars.  As the years went by, Rubén learned from many accomplished Mexican musicians and eventually became an accomplished musician himself appearing in palenques regularly and on Mexican TV prime time.  In 1986 he came to the United States with wife and two kids Carlos Rubén & Azucena. Currently, he is a singer and the lead guitarist for Trio Mariachi Los Salazar.

Azucena Salazar – Daughter

Azucena, also known as Suzie, started playing the guitar at the early age of 10 and joined her father and brother Carlos in 1997 to form Trio Los Salazar. She participated in the National T.V. show, “Objetivo Fama 2005” where she was 1st place Runner Up out of thousands of participants!  Azucena even protagonizad a music video with Mexican Celebrities “Paquita La Del Barrio” and “Ezequiel Peña.” In 2007, she was signed by Machete Music, a subdivision of Univision Music and released a solo banda album titled “Azucena del Campo” where she did a spanish rendition of the Bon Jovi classic This aint a love song. She has also appeared on the T.V. shows “Escandalo TV,” “Sábado Gigante,” “El Gordo y La Flaca,” and “Despierta America.” On 2019, she was chosen out of thousands to participate in Univision’s La Reina De La Canción reality show where she received a standing ovation by the judges and audience on her debut performance.  Her YouTube performance of her amazing performance of No Querías Lastimarme became viral and escalated in views rapidly in a short period of time; but when it came close to 2 million views, it was mysteriously removed from the Univisión YouTube channel and the video is no longer available. Currently, she sings and plays rhythm guitar with Trio Mariachi Los Salazar.


Rigoberto Salazar – Son

Rigoberto (Rigo), is the the youngest member of the trio. He began learning music in 2004 at the age of 14 from Ruben and from his brother Carlos.  In June of 2016, Rigo became the official third member of Trio Los Salazar. His older brother Carlos substitutes for him from time to time. Currently, Rigo sings and plays guitarron (mariachi bass) for Trio Mariachi Los Salazar.

Carlos Salazar – Son

Carlos started learning music at the age of 10. He has studied music with very accomplished musicians Dr. Bill Cunliffe, Mark Harrison, Jeffrey Siskind, Bruce Babad, Dr. Joseph Jewell, Ron Eschete, and Dr. Brian Kehelenbach. He began performing professionally on guitar at the age of 12 with Ruben as a duet; a few years later, when Suzie joined the duet, he switched to guitarron, and played guitarron with Trio Los Salazar for 19 years up until June 2016. Currently, he is the musical director and booking manger for Trio Mariachi Los Salazar. He substitutes on occasion for Rigo on guitarrón.